Virtual fairs, exhibitions and events

By setting up virtual events, we are opening up new dimensions of interactive meeting at a distance and go beyond the usual limitations of the real world, combining both real and virtual elements of space.
Virtualni dogodki

The difference between a virtual and a digital event

A virtual event is a meeting and walking in a virtual environment with all the advantages of meeting live and random or non-random communication with participants and with unedited or random use of all digital presentation options as needed or desired by participants.

A digital event is a direct voice-image transmission of live events in real space and time with limited and pre-temporally and thematically directed use of individual digital content.

Virtualni dogodki

Virtual events

New technologies, the complexity of product and service presentations and, last but not least, the limitations of travel and live meetings dictate the development of meeting and sharing all types of content remotely or as an upgrade to real events.

Virtual events are the most interactive approximation to an actual encounter. With them, we experience a full voice, visual and movement experience in a virtual environment designed according to the wishes and needs of the client.

Excellent execution of virtual events

Our professional team provides a comprehensive and top-notch execution of all types of virtual events and presentations such as:

  • Virtual fair
  • Virtual house fair
  • Virtual exhibition
  • Virtual lecture
  • Virtual show room
  • Virtual unique solutions according to the customer’s wishes

We also perform complete production and application of all digital content which is co-created by a virtual environment such as:

  • Video
  • 360-degree video
  • Graphic Design
  • Virtual space architecture