Relocations and relocation engineering

Relocations are usually quite stressful and require quality organization. Reliability, quality, accuracy, speed and organization are therefore our highest values. Due to the stressful nature of relocations, we facilitate this process with our services and relieve you of worries throughout the experience. Disassembly, assembly, connection of household appliances, transport, relocations and packaging for relocations are just some of the many worries that you can leave to us. Relocations with interior design and renovation, turnkey relocations and much more are carried out both in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe. With a wide range of services, we are available to you anytime, anywhere.


We offer a wide range of services that are directly or indirectly related to relocations and provide a stress-free service from idea to implementation. Furniture and objects are adequately protected and carefully stored in packaging, delivered to a new address and arranged.

Tips and blog

In this part, we have answered the most common questions that arise when moving, renovating and designing interiors, as well as tips that help you towards easier and carefree process from idea to implementation.

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To obtain an offer, send us an inquiry and we will answer you in the shortest time possible.

Are you moving?

If you want to move business premises, an apartment, big peaces of furniture, a warehouse etc., or you are moving from abroad or abroad, entrust us with the entire project. We will safely move your property and objects from the old to the new location, where we will take care of dismantling and packing the objects and for assembling them at the final location, unpacking and placing them in the desired place. The satisfaction of our customers with our services means a lot to us, so throughout the entire process we cooperate with you and take into account your wishes, and we always take care of the most optimal use of funds.

Relocation projects

With lots of experiences and with our highly experienced team, we are up to any task.