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In this part, we have answered the most common questions that arise when moving, renovating and designing interiors, as well as tips that help you towards easier and carefree process from idea to implementation.

1. Where do you provide relocation, relocation engineering, interior design and renovation services?

In the company Kobi interieri, d.o.o., all services (relocations and relocation engineering, turnkey removals, interior design, renovations, etc.) are performed in Slovenia and abroad (in EU countries). Our relocation service also takes care of the entire organization and implementation of relocations abroad, from the client’s current location to a new home or business premises abroad or in Slovenia. In doing so, we ensure the highest level of professionalism and reliability.

2. Do you assemble and disassemble existing furniture and equipment when moving?

When performing relocations with interior equipment and relocation engineering, we want the client to have as little work and problems as possible, so our relocation service also performs assembly and disassembly of equipment and furniture (for both private and business relocations). We also enable customers to move on a turnkey basis, which means that we take care of the entire migration process, while the client does not have any worries or work with the relocation.

3. How is the arrangement of the existing interior equipment at the new location with the new interior equipment taken care of?

Along with the client’s selection of the Advanced package, Premium package or Premium Plus package, which also includes the ‘Conceptual design of a new layout’ service, the planning and use of the client’s existing interior equipment is also taken care of.

4. How are relocations, relocation engineering, interior design and renovation services charged?

The prices of relocations and relocation engineering, interior design and other services vary depending on the scope of the package ordered by the client. They also differ according to the additional services that the client wants to include in the package from our additional offer.

5. When carrying out relocations, do you take care to prevent unnecessary damage?

Because we are aware of the importance of service integrity and care for maintaining the premises, equipment and furniture in their original condition, our relocation service of course also provides good protection of the customer’s interior, premises and other spaces and thus customer satisfaction with our service.

6. Is the removal of bulk waste and other objects to the landfill taken care of during relocations?

Yes. As it often happens during relocations that the customer no longer needs certain pieces of furniture and equipment at the new location, our relocation service also offers dismantling, sorting and removal of them to the nearest landfill or collection recycling center. We offer the service both when moving in Slovenia and abroad.

7. Why choose Kobi Interieri d.o.o. for relocations and interior solutions as well as other services that they offer?

Kobi Interieri d.o.o. was founded in 1999 and since then it has been successfully offering its clients high-quality and professional services, both in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world.

We also offer our clients the option of turnkey relocation, which makes the relocation process as easy as possible for the client. Our relocation service performs work in accordance with the standards of the association of European moving industry FEDEMAC and the association of international moving and relocation companies FIDI Global Alliance.

We also take pride with the top knowledge of our architects, who offer you professional help and advice throughout the entire service process, which is performed with quality, professionalism, caution and safety. Architectural knowledge is extremely important especially for the design of spaces and the best possible placement of interior equipment or furniture in the room. If you decide to renovate and design living, business or other premises and interior equipment, you can trust us with the entire project. We will create an architectural project for you, gather the best craftsmen from individual disciplines in one place and make sure that you are satisfied with the final product. In the process of implementation, we will take control of the works, coordinate various contractors, perform control and take care of the most optimal use of funds.

Space design projects

Take a look at a few projects from the past few years. We believe this is the best proof our capable and experienced team is able to successfully tackle any challenge.