Interior solutions

Modern interiors have outgrown over their traditional meaning. Mobility and continuous change are only constants which we follow with our high-end program of office inside the office, modular furniture, marking system of working spaces and unique solutions. Our solutions offer top-class looks and are backed by complete engineering.

Modern architecture

With Burkhardt Leitner modular equipment we follow the latest trends in equipment of office and other spaces. Our solutions are modern and designed with functionality in mind. The highest quality of equipment and realisation is guaranteed.

Office inside the office

Office inside the office is a concept of mobile cubes with doors and built-in solutions for lightning, ventilation, acoustics and document keeping. Light construction ensures spacious atmosphere and high level of transparency.

High-end materials

We pay special attention to the materials from which our interior equipment is made of. Only high quality materials, which are resistant to wearing, simple to keep clean and harmless for health, while at the same time bringing elegance and timeless class in the space, are used.

Custom solutions

If you wish for different materials or styles of your interior equipment, we would be glad to meet your needs. Tell us your wishes and we will seek for a solution together.

From project to realisation

If you decide for our interior equipment or renewal of your bussinness spaces, let us take care of the whole project. We will create an architectural project, gather the best individuals of all professions and make you pleased with the final result. During the realisation process we will take care over all work, coordinate different contractors, conduct controls and make sure all resources are optimally used.

Interior design projects

Take a look at a few projects from the past few years. We believe this is the best proof our capable and experienced team is able to successfully tackle any challenge.